Work with me!

Dancers needed. Who can take part?
Fulltime pre-professional training students (e.g. 
vocational school, performance based degree) with 
a minimum of 3 years dance experience aged 
between 18-25 years of age.
What will it involve?
You will be required to record yourself performing 
two knee strength and stability assessments before 
being allocated to one of 2 training groups. After 6 
weeks of participation in the training groups you 
will be asked to perform the two knee strength 
and stability assessments again.
Contact Alissa via for more information

Call out for research participants!

Are you a professional dancer or in pre-professional training? Then please take a minute to read this call out.

I am doing a research study to investigate the energy intake and energy expenditure in dancers as well as the nutritional knowledge among pre-professional and professional dancers.

During the study you will complete a General Nutritional Knowledge Questionnaire alongside a short questionnaire about yourself and your training background.
You will also be asked to complete a food and exercise diary over 3 days. This should include 2 training days and 1 rest/low intensity training day. You will have to record all food and fluid you consume and note down all tasks/training you complete during the day as well as their timing. You will receive a template for this.

You can complete these in your own time. I just need everything sent back by mid may.

Interested? Email me (

Image of a female dancer on a fit ball stretching backwords.

Progressing Ballet Technique Coaching

I am available for individual and group coaching/classes. Online or in person (if you are based in Lancashire, England or Manchester).

Available sessions:

Progressing Ballet Technique (PBT) – individual and group classes

Progressing Contemporary Technique (PCT) – individual and group classes

PBT & PCT – individual coaching and progression plans

Please contact me for prices and availability.